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indie development team based in Södertälje

We are a indie development team based in Södertälje. Founded in 2012, we started with flash game websites which we still have. Today we focus more on games and app for mobile phones.


All radio streams are suggested by users If you are a radio owner and you want to remove a radio stream or if you have any question regarding our app, please contact us.
Privacy Policy short version
We do not collect personal information , such as your first name, last name, addresses, email or telephone pictures.
We can have access to device identifiers to personalize ads and analyze traffic, we share this information to our advertising partners and analytics partners.
We can have access to your phone status to mute playback while a call.
If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policies, please contact us.

A few things we have done

Below you will find some websites and applications we have done.

Mariospel – Mario games

A game site with mario games.

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Bilspel – Car racing games

A car racing game site.

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Code Scanner

Barcode scanner / Code Scanner reads QR code and many more.

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Chillout radio 

Chillout radio is an app to play Internet radio stations.

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